Shed operations after Covid19

The Alresford Men’s Shed stopped operations during lockdown, and since then have been considering how to operate in the future. Our regular advertised sessions, when people can drop in, were suspended up to 2nd November, re-opened, only to be forced to shut down once more on 5th November!

Most of our members are over 50, some by a long way! Several are shielding, or consider themselves vulnerable, and have decided to stay at home at present. So for the immediate future, the Trustees have decided not to open the Shed.

Several members are continuing their own projects, or undertaking some repair jobs, at home, when this is considered possible. To do this they do make occasional visits to the premises, to collect or return various items of equipment or tools that might be required, on loan from the Shed. This is how the Shed is carrying out the occasional job during this difficult period.

The mobility equipment stored in the Shed for the Pigs is still available for recycling around the community, by arrangement, but again this is not currently available as a drop-in service

The next review of the Shed opening schedule and on-site operations will be in December.


Resale items

The following items are offered for sale to raise funds for the Shed. For further info please email via the website. These units are not necessarily held at the Shed, because of space limitations.


DSC07712        DSC07713

DSC07714Suitable for a bedroom or lounge, this unit is in black leather effect material, and is on two levels. At the base is a shelf for magazines, or a hifi system even. The top level has two square sections set into the recessed top. The two separate units are double sided, and can present either a cushioned top, for seating, or a tray that provides a table top. The unit was bought from TK Max and has a fire cert label.

Dimensions 18” x 34”, 19” high

NB: This unit has now been relocated to the dump, ie Alresford Recycling Centre, Prospect Road on 2 Feb: probably now much cheaper! But we couldn’t store it any more – too many jobs on!


Pictures from Watercress Day 2019

The Alresford Men’s Shed were delighted to attend the Watercress Festival this year, courtesy of Alresford Rotary, and were able to sell some of their surplus woodworking achievements to the visitors. Mainly the idea was to attract new members, since our stay in the Dean factory seems to be assured for another year.

In a crowded event, we hope some of the kids, and parents, enjoyed being able to take part in our vertical ball rolling competition! Some of those involved are pictured here:



Community Project

The Men’s Shed was pleased to receive a request from the Alresford Town Council for help in refurbishing the Town Map, situated outside the Barclays Bank building, on the alleyway up to the Church. No-one knew who owned this map display, drawn from an original A E Wade print in the 1950s. So no-one took responsibility for repairing areas of wood on the housing that had decayed, and for scraping and repainting the framework.

The Men’s Shed were pleased to do this, in time for the Watercress Festival: it turned out that one of the Shed members is the son of the guy who built the original wooden frame, as his first job when joining Wild Brothers the builders, way back in the 50s we think. At least the map looked smart for the Watercress event, which is more than could be said for the Barclays Bank Building itself! Maybe the Men’s Shed could move in there?

For more information about AE Wade, see the alresfordmemories website

Watercress Festival pics

The Alresford Men’s Shed had a booth outside the Community Centre at the Alresford Watercress Festival today. We think we had some interest from some potential new members of the Shed, but more attention came from the kids games we had dreamt up in between other more serious jobs.

In fact most of the last 2-3 weeks have been spent on various projects for games, but two only managed to make it to the stand – both about getting balls into little holes.

The vertical bar billiards had a lot of people confused to start with, but the kids found it straightforward….

Vertical bar billiards: the golf ball is put in the green carrier, and the strings are used to pull this up past all the holes to reach the top one!

Some of the pics from today are shown below, and if you want copies of pics of you or your kids, please email us for them! We will need to know which one you are talking about, so the collages are labelled A,B,C and D, and count along the top row first and then continue on the next line, to find the picture number…..

watercress A

watercress B


watercress C

watercress D