About us

The Alresford Men’s Shed occupies several rooms in one of the factory units at the top of the Dean, in Alresford. One room is equipped with 6/7 work benches, suitable for wood working or model building. Another room has a larger workspace, primarily used for woodworking machinery and construction: easy access is available via the loading bay at the rear of the premises. Space can be created for other activities – for example the Pigs store and repair their Mobility scooters with help from members of the Shed. Despite the “Men’s Shed” name, women are welcome to join in any of the current activities, or can create new project areas. It is not considered that the workshop is a suitable place for children, and we expect all workers to make use of relevant PPE and safety equipment, following the Shed Rules.

In the kitchen there are washing up facilities, mugs, and tea/coffee – there is also a fridge and microwave available. There will be a washing up rota!!!