Watercress Festival pics

The Alresford Men’s Shed had a booth outside the Community Centre at the Alresford Watercress Festival today. We think we had some interest from some potential new members of the Shed, but more attention came from the kids games we had dreamt up in between other more serious jobs.

In fact most of the last 2-3 weeks have been spent on various projects for games, but two only managed to make it to the stand – both about getting balls into little holes.

The vertical bar billiards had a lot of people confused to start with, but the kids found it straightforward….

Vertical bar billiards: the golf ball is put in the green carrier, and the strings are used to pull this up past all the holes to reach the top one!

Some of the pics from today are shown below, and if you want copies of pics of you or your kids, please email us for them! We will need to know which one you are talking about, so the collages are labelled A,B,C and D, and count along the top row first and then continue on the next line, to find the picture number…..

watercress A

watercress B


watercress C

watercress D


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