What we’ve done so far!


The Alresford Men’s Shed has been in operation since the end of January…… but some people have questioned what we get up to! Apart from drinking tea of course…. so here goes:

Wood-work projects

We’ve had requests from other charities, and from friends of the Shed, to build some outdoor things from wood. It started with needing shelves for ourselves, to put wood, and the tools on. So we built those, mostly from old pallets, which we could get free. Then our neighbours wanted the same, so we equipped the whole building.

Jackie Porter asked us for some leaflet boxes, to put on one of the HCC sponsored walk routes, so half a dozen of those are in progress. Then friends of Barn Owls needed some “Owl boxes” to put in old barns, so two of those have been built and are pictured. Another neighbour wanted a simple “A” frame advertising board, so that is in progress.

Other projects have involved cutting shop display shelves to length, , and making eight wooden (small) mallets for kids to use in their nature study field courses.

DSC05896 small

Barn owl boxes, leaflet box, and other wood type projects

In the photo there is also a kitchen table that has been resurfaced: the legs were repaired and will now be repainted. Also there is the first demo “Bluetit box”, which we could produce for anyone wanting to help their local housing problems for the birds next year.

Repair projects 

Repair projects mostly come in and go back out very fast, so getting pictures is difficult! These are some that could be caught in progress….

DSC05899 small

The plastic chairs came from the Community Centre, and the seats needed re-gluing, plus all but one have had new ‘Feet’ added to the legs. The drawers have been cleaned off, and will now be repainted (as per instructions). The chair has lost some of the leg supports – or at least they are not fixed in place! New bits will be added to make the chair legs secure. We have repaired several chests of drawers, and some of these were donated to us, for repair and then sale, in a local auction. Another drawer needed an old handle replacing, which we sourced.

Metal-work and gadgets

Sometimes we can repair things that, frankly, we don’t know much about: like a petrol driven leaf blower that was donated (on its way to the dump), and a really old electric sewing machine. The donations arising from these projects, when we succeed, are always appreciated. One other should be mentioned: one of the Pigs 3-wheel walking aids was heading for the scrap heap, after two wheels fell off. Like a case of “one wheel on my wagon”! But thru one Shed member, who rebuilt two new bearings in plastic, it was restored – then he also found someone who needed it, and had the pleasure of seeing it in use!


We’re still here, in the Dean, working away, why not give us your repair or wood-work projects to keep us busier? (In return for a donation to Shed funds, plus material costs, of course)


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