The Shed

Alresford Men’s Shed is a Registered Charity, established in 2017.  We have found some temporary accommodation in one of the factory buildings, at Number 1, The Dean, and opened the Shed as a Member’s workshop and work centre in January 2018. Start-up funding was provided by the Alresford Pigs Association, and Hampshire County Council.

As from November 2021, the Shed is open from 1000 till 1230 on weekday mornings, primarily to serve as a workshop suitable for woodwork and some domestic repairs, such as furniture and gardening equipment: we will always try to repair whatever you have broken! Visitors can enter the Shed, or be consulted in the Foyer or outside the front door, if required. You can also contact us by e-mail, via this website or via Facebook.

While the initial aim is to provide a meeting and workplace for men, women are welcome to join as members, either to use the woodwork area or to create any workspace needed – we have some space left! Not in Alresford? Then locate another local shed via

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The Men’s Shed movement started in Australia, many years ago, with the objective of giving retired men a place to meet and have some social contact with similar men, while doing something productive for the Community, or for themselves. In Australia it is fully funded by their Health Service: in the UK the units need charity funding.

Nevertheless there are over 500 “Men’s Sheds” already open in the UK, and the number grows by about 2 a week. Some do metalwork and machining, some do woodwork and scenery building, some are just for women! Most of these are supported in some way by their local Councils, and it is reported that 50% of the UK Sheds are being housed or built on Council-owned land.

The History

The Alresford Shed has been given start-up funding by the Alresford Pigs Association, and by Hampshire County Council. The Shed local Trustees achieved Charity status in December 2017, a month after being formed. Thanks to the generosity of Gavin and Marian Baldwin have found suitable short-term accommodation in one of the factories in the Dean. We moved in at the end of December and hope to open the doors in January 2018.

In the longer term we are aiming to build our own shed on some central site in a year or so, and we are fund raising to meet that objective. Membership forms are available now, and please note: both men and women will be welcomed as members.

The Alresford Shed